Kristen Stewart Looked Like a Wild Child at MTV Movie Awards

kristen stewartWhen she showed up looking all glam to promote Cosmopolis in Cannes last week, Kristen Stewart really seemed like she had turned over a new leaf as far as her fashion sense goes. She looked so mature and polished -- but it must've been a fluke because she resurrected her traditional KStew grunge-esque look at the MTV Movie Awards 2012 last night.

I'm not necessarily saying she looked bad, because she didn't, but she just looked very -- well, Kristen Stewart-like. You know -- same general look, different awards show.


But I guess I really can't blame her for sporting messy hair, smudged eyeliner, and a dress that barely covered her thighs. After all, she was attending the MTV Movie Awards, not some fancy-schmancy premiere or other red carpet event. The MTV Movie Awards caters to a much younger crowd, so Kristen obviously dressed to impress the genre of people who were in attendance. She would've looked totally out of place and probably a little bit arrogant had she shown up in a more formal looking dress.

And even though this particular style wasn't anything out of the ordinary for Kristen, I was pretty impressed that she chose a cute pair of heels for the red carpet instead of her traditional Converse sneakers. Of course, when she went up on stage to accept the award she won for Best Kiss? Yeah -- the Converse sneaks magically reappeared. Oh well, at least she tried, right?

Do you think Kristen looks better grungy or glamorous?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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