Pippa Middleton Distracts From Her Derriere at Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee

Pippa MiddletonQueen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee is a major series of events for her majesty as she celebrates 60 years on the throne, and the river pageant on Sunday was a powerful and beautiful highlight of the celebration. The River Thames was an amazing site as 1,000 sailboats, rowboats, and other ships set sail for a seven-mile flotilla.

The big anticipated event for most of us watching, however, was what Pippa Middleton would wear, of course. Would her bum be on display and distract from the matters at hand as the royals reportedly feared? 


They can all breath a royal sigh of relief, because Pippa kept her bum firmly (pun intended) under wraps -- or more specially, under a swirl of pleats. Not an outline of her famous fanny was to be seen.

She kept things classic, simple, and appropriately nautically themed in navy and cream. The suit jacket, adorned with buttons down the front and cream trim, was paired with a simple, navy pleated skirt. It was designed either by Milly or Orla Kiely, according to conflicting reports. (It looks more like Milly to me, but I can't confirm.)

The whole thing could have been matronly, but the length of the skirt -- several inches above her knees and the cropped jacket gave it just the right amount of youth and a little bit of edge. Her wedge shoes with camel-colored heel were perfect as well.

Whether it was a concerted effort NOT to steal the show, I'm not sure, but she kept distractions to a minimum, and despite the gloomy weather she still managed to shine vibrantly. Overall, I'd say Pippa hit the mark on this one, and probably scored a few points with the royal family too.

Her sister, Kate Middleton, went for more of a show-stopper look in a red dress by Alexander McQueen and a stunning hat by Sylvia Fletcher.  Her skirt too was pleated and hit a few inches above the knees.

Trend alert: If history repeats itself you can bet there's going to be a run on pleated skirts soon.

Which sister's look did you like better -- Kate or Pippa?


Image via Splash

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