Charlize Theron's 'Prometheus' Premiere Look Is Way Too '90s

charlize theronFirst let me ask you this: Have you seen the previews for Prometheus? What the F is that? There's nothing about that movie I understand ... but that certainly won't keep me from commenting on the fashion choices of its stars on the red, er, blue carpet. Charlize Theron is one of the mega-celebs in this very confusing movie and she came to the London premiere of the flick wearing a strapless Dior dress and black stilettos.

I'm beginning to wonder if Prometheus isn't about some 1990s junior prom because that's what Charlize is dressed for.


I'm sorry, but whenever I see navy blue and ombre glitter, I think of a starry night-themed high school dance circa 1994. All her look is missing is deep plum lipstick and an Alanis Morrisette CD. Even her hair looks '90s! This isn't to say I don't like it, it's just to say that if I don't show up for work on Monday, it's because I've hit the road looking for Doc Martins, overalls, waffle shirts, and petticoat dresses. Once you get me started on '90s fashion, there's very little one can do to drag me out of the rabbit hole.

Anyway, back to Charlize. This is not her best look. She stunned at the Snow White premiere when she went sheer and sexy, but this outfit leaves something to be desired. And that "something" just might be a time machine.

Even though I love the '90s, they should stay in the '90s. There's really no need to drag them out here into the 2010s. I don't care if the label says Dior or Wet Seal, this ensemble is a time-warp no-no.

What do you think of Charlize's dress? Do you think it looks '90s?


Photo via Splash News

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