Kim Zolciak Takes Off Wig & Shocks Us With Her Real Hair (VIDEO)

kim zolciakOn last night's episode of Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding on Bravo, Kim Zolciak did the unthinkable. She took off her wig -- revealing a head of healthy, blonde, absolutely gorgeous natural hair. And after seeing just how chic her layered bob is, I can't for the life of me understand why she would hide such a perfect head of hair underneath that heavy wig. (Doesn't she sweat like a pig with that thing on?)

Most women would jump at the chance to show off a stylish haircut like Kim's, but after growing so accustomed to wearing a wig, she was very hesitant to take it off and reveal her natural hair to her friends. She wouldn't even do it in front of them and went into her room to remove the wig and touch up her tresses before showing them what was hiding beneath her fake strands.


OMG. How much better does her real hair look than that wig?! I'm loving her natural cut -- so much, in fact, that I may wind up bringing her picture with me to the highlight & cut appointment I have scheduled next week. Her style is trendy, yet classic, and also looks pretty easy to maintain (a total plus).

And doesn't this shorter, more angled cut make her look even younger? It really highlights her facial features and softens up her whole look.

Kim's stylist is the one who convinced her to ditch the wig, because he thinks she should showcase her natural hair for her wedding day. And honestly, even though she admits to loving her wigs, Kim should really think about tossing them out once and for all. Her real hair is just way too gorgeous to keep under wraps.

You can see more of Kim's hair in the video clip below.

Have you ever worn wigs? What did you like about them?


Image via Bravo

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