Hilarious Obama & Romney T-Shirts Let You Wear Your Politics on Your Sleeve (PHOTOS)

Barack Obama Mitt Romney Urban Outfitters T-shirtsSurprise surprise: Urban Outfitters has finally made a slew of T-shirts that AREN'T crazily offensive. I know, right? The same store responsible for the Jewish Star tee and selling faux Indian apparel is now boasting Mitt Romney- and Barack Obama-inspired shirts. Let me tell you, they are epically hilarious. I'm not just talking play on words funny, either. Between the images of Obama "Tebowing" at his desk and Mitt Romney dressed up as rock 'n' roll legend KISS frontman Gene Simmons, these are epic. Generally, I'm not a graphic tee person, but with the upcoming election, I'm actually contemplating not just buying one -- but WHICH one to buy!

Check out the designs, here:


Mitt Romney T-shirts

These shirts (left, $17.99, right, $29) legitimately made me LOL. Yeah yeah, the playful idea of the oven mitt isn't exactly earth shattering -- but I can't say it's not inventive. And oh my GOD -- the parachute pants?! I die. Someone please tell me that's an actual home photo from 1982? The only thing missing is a giant boombox. Don't worry, Urban sells those too. 

Obama T-shirts

Things are surprisingly a little more conservative on the Obama tee front. From left to right the shirts ($28, $29, $14.99) are pretty stylish. I love the soft characteristics of the woman's tee almost as much as I love the little basketball shorts the president is rockin' in option No. 1. Hey, we all know Obama knows a thing or two about basketball, right?

What do you think of the T-shirts? Would you wear one to support your favorite politician?


Images via Urban Outfitters

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