Brooke Burke’s Sexy New Lingerie Will Make You Want Some

Brooke BurkeI'm just gonna come out and say it: I have a slight lady crush on Brooke Burke. Every time I watch her strut across the stage on Dancing With the Stars, I think one of two things: 1. She has killer arms and 2. I wish I had a personal hairstylist to make me ALWAYS look that good. The DWTS co-host recently announced she's launching a new line of lingerie called intiMINT. The line, which will consist of bras, bottoms, loungewear, and sleepwear, will range from $20 to $80 and be available online only starting in June.

Sigh. I don't know about you, but I don't know of a woman Brooke Burke's age that doesn't want to look like Brooke Burke. And heck, now this physically fit, beautiful woman has to go out and get herself a fancy lingerie line? And it's affordable?!

That's it, I'm jealous.


If Brooke isn't awesome enough already, she has to put her name behind one of the best things to own EVER!? Be real with me: who doesn't love lounging around the house in CUTE items every once in a while? I know I know, it's so totally easy to opt for that 10-year-old pair of go-to sweats from Old Navy. We all do it. But slipping into something sexy and decently good-looking just to bop around the comfort of your own home in is sorta empowering, don't you agree? Especially when someone's there to enjoy it with you. Grrrrawl.

Heck, I'd kill for some new sleep stuff. My problem? There are so many things I'd rather buy that i'll be SEEN wearing in public! Considering Brooke's line is so reasonably priced, though, this may just all be happening. June couldn't get here soon enough!

Do you ever put on cute loungewear when hanging around the house? Would you buy lingerie from Brooke's line?


Image via ABC

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