Did You Make America's Worst-Dressed List?

best dressed citiesHave you ever looked around your town and thought, Wow, these people cannot dress to save their lives; am I the only one in this city who knows that Looney Tunes shirts should be lit on fire? If so, you might finally have the vindication you always wanted: Travel & Leisure just came out with a list of America's top 10 worst-dressed cities. Conversely, they also published a list of the nation's top 10 best-dressed.

Curious to see if your hometown made the list? Hint -- if you're from Texas, one city in that state made the worst- and best-dressed lists. So don't be upset if your home is one of the places with the fugliest fashion -- it's totally subjective. One man's best dressed is another man's worst. Let's take a look!

The best-dressed cities are:

1. New York City
2. Charleston
3. Los Angeles
4. San Juan, P.R.
5. Miami
6. San Francisco
7. Savannah
8. Austin
9. Dallas/Fort Worth
10. San Diego

And the worst? Here we go ...

Is your town on either list? 


Photo via FashionByHe/Flickr

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