Putting on Makeup Is Better Than Prozac

felicity jonesThere are few things in life I hate more than blow drying my hair. The heat, the noise, the time it takes, it's worse than listening to a dog bark all night. But there's one beauty routine I really love, and that's the simple yet intensively complicated act of applying makeup. Give me a mirror, some good lightening, decent counter space, great tunes, and a bucket full of beauty products and I will be happiest nutcase this side of the Mississippi. There's just something so therapeutic about putting on one's face, don't you agree? Felicity Jones of Like Crazy does. She told People that doing her makeup is a cathartic experience. And frankly, I couldn't agree more.


Felicity went on to share her appreciate for the potions we spread on our eyes, cheeks, and lips. 

As an actress, makeup can change your face [and] help you to create characters. That’s when you realize how exciting it can be, how something as simple as combing your brows in a different way can change you. I’ve always liked the idea of the face and body as a blank canvas.

Even though most of us aren't actors unless we're at the Apple store recounting the crazy, crazy! freak accident that made our iPhone screen crack inexplicably and unprovoked in our pocket, we can and should play around with the stuff and experiment with different looks.

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Like Felicity says, something as simple as back-combing your brows can take you from soccer mom to Natasha, sexy spy extraordinaire.

If you've shyed away from lipstick your whole life because you thought you didn't have enough lip to pull it off (I'm pointing right at myself, here) throw that nonsense out the window. I used to be so afraid of the stuff, now I can't get enough. It really brightens up the face in a way that blush and eye-makeup can't even touch.

So shut the bathroom door, put on your favorite playlist, (I'm obsessed with playlist-generator Songza, in case you were wondering) and play around in the quite solitude of makeup application. Soon you'll see what Felicity and I mean when we trumpet that it's cathartic. Enjoy!


Photo via Heather McCall/Flickr

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