How To Wear Leg Warmers

leg warmersLeg warmers -- how can you wear them without feeling like a 10th grader? Or like you are back in the a bad way? As with many fashion trends, it's not always what you wear but how you wear them. I think I will go as far to say that leg warmers really never went out of style and it's a fashion item that also keeps you warm. Practical fashion? A true win-win!

Here are some ideas on how to rock the leg warmers....


leg warmersI love wearing leg warmers with jeans. They work best with skinny or straight leg jeans -- like the type of jeans you tuck into your boots.

The photo above is me in my favorite booties worn with thick black leg warmers with my skinny jeans tucked in. You can also wear with a high boot and just have a little bit of the leg warmer sticking out like in the photo below to the left.

You can also wear with leggings or even a dress and boots. You can wear with a bare leg or layer leg warmers over tights. I really love the Snap Up Over the Knee Legwarmer ($20 from Urban Outfitters) and Button Up Leg Warmers ($18 from Sock Dreams).

What do you think?

Would you wear leg warmers?

leg warmers

Photo from Urban Outfitters

leg warmers

Photo from Sock Dreams

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