How to Wear a Crop Top Without Feeling Half Naked

crop topCrop tops are cropping up all over the place and I remember once rocking a look similar to this Forever 21 Crop Swing Tank many moons ago. Okay, I lied a little. Back then the style was half tops and high waisted jeans (and really BIG hair). Which is a look some wear today and look great in (minus the Aqua Net). But it's no longer for me. I'm not saying hide your middles -- I still love my bikinis -- I just don't love my belly button hanging out when I'm doing public things other than swimming. But that doesn't mean I won't buy a crop top.

I found a way to beat these half tops at their skin-showing game with a few looks that are completely adorable. And even give your clothes some mileage.


Wear it under something sheer as seen here in this Free People look. I have a few sheer things that I don't want to wear with a slip or even something long. So with this, you are still keeping the sexy yet coy sheer look without really baring all.

You can also layer the crop over something long like this look from Charlotte Russe. You can do a form fitted tank under it like they did here or wear a loose, even flowy, tunic underneath.

crop top layer

Another great look is wearing a half top over a dress like in this look from Free People. The dress can be long or short, fitted or loose, and be strapless, a tank, or even with sleeves. You know how you wear a cardigan in the cooler months over things? A crop can be just like that for the warmer months, adding color, texture, or a whole new feel to a simple dress. Also makes it easy to wear the dress more than once in a week -- just swap out crops!

What do you think of these layering crop top looks?

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