Kristen Stewart Outdoes Herself in Crazy 'Snow White' Outfit

Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart has been totally rockin' the red carpet circuit lately. Between her red hot look in Cannes and all of the press for Snow White and the Huntsman, the 22-year-old actress is straight up killing it. Stewart rocked a Stella McCartney blazer with a flared mini skirt for last night's Snow White premiere in Los Angeles. Is the look my speed? Eh, not really. But heck, I actually really really like it. You know why? Because it's just SO Kristen.

Yeah yeah yeah, every star has their own personal style. Let's be real, though. After a while -- a lot of them become a product of all the glitz, glam, and their fancy schmancy stylist. Kristen has a certain edge about her look that's very signature. I mean come on. Who else besides K. Stew wears a skirt/blazer combo like this to a massive movie premiere and looks BOMB?

Yup. No one.


To be fair Kristen is most definitely NOT the first person to rock a blazer on the red carpet. There have been plenty of A-listers (cough Julia Roberts cough) who have done it pretty damn well. However, the blazer and so many of Kristen's fun looks lately are all part of her funky, outside of the box style. Every single time I see her, whether it's on the red carpet or on a late night talk show, she's just doing her, and she's doing it well.

I will say this: It's really great that even now that Kristen's a big-time actress, she's remembering what it is that she likes. When I think of Kristen, I think sneakers, funky pants, and her just going with her gut. I'm sure it's super easy to be influenced by others when you have so many different critics. Not for Kristen though. I may not be the biggest Twilight fan, but I'm all about Kristen staying true to herself.

What do you think of Kristen's look from last night's premiere? Do you like her personal style?


Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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