These Un-Photoshopped Models Will Depress the Heck Out of You

 German Vogue unphotoshopped models

Just took a gander at German Vogue's new spread featuring several un-photoshopped models of varying ages, which I guess is supposed to give all the average women of the world better self-esteem when we discover how truly ugly these women are without all that digital retouching. Yeah, riiiiight. This spread will make you feel even more like crap, which just goes to show you how severely out of touch the fashion industry really is with real women.


These women are gorgeous, even with all their flaws ... wait a minute. These women have no flaws. They are perfect in their natural state. Perfect legs, perfect natural breasts, even perfect wrinkles. Usually wrinkles make you look bad, but these wrinkles are exquisite, sexy wrinkles. They make me want wrinkles of my own. This is no way to give a gal self-esteem, German Vogue.

Vogue, as you remember, recently came out saying they will no longer employ super-skinny models with eating disorders or underage girls. But this un-photoshopped move is taking things a little too far.

I would much rather look at ads of Demi Moore or Julia Roberts or Kate Winslet, who are beautiful women anyway, but who clearly don't have the 20-year-old skin or body parts they do in the photoshopped states we usually see them in. It's comforting to know that if I needed to have my head on a magazine cover, my face would have that awesome wax dummy look too and people would say, "Oh, don't worry, she really looks like hell in real life." And I could help to make the world a happier place.

The least German Vogue could have done is thrown a couple of ghastly looking supermodels in the mix to give us a little hope. Damn them. Now, where's my copy of Cosmo?

Does this spread make you feel better or worse about yourself and your own beauty?

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