Kate Middleton Isn't Too Proud to Wear the Same Outfit Twice

kate middletonJust when I thought my girl crush on Kate Middleton couldn't possibly get any bigger without appearing stalker-ish, she had to go ahead and wear the exact same dress twice in two weeks -- proving that she may be a princess, but she's no diva. And now I think I've fallen even more head-over-heels in love with her (in a non-creepy sort of way).

Kate first stepped out in her pink Emilia Wickstead dress for the Royal Sovereign lunch at Windsor Castle a couple weeks ago, and then she turned around and wore it again to a garden party at Buckingham Palace this week. The only noticeable change in her outfit was her shoes, as she traded a pair of pink satin pumps for her favorite nude L.K. Bennett heels, which she's been seen wearing on countless occasions.

You'd think that someone as high profile as Kate would develop somewhat of a holier-than-thou type attitude (like plenty of celebrities) and refuse to be caught dead wearing the same thing twice. But Kate obviously could care less what anyone thinks about how often she chooses to wear her favorite pieces out of her closet. And honestly, this is a philosophy that we all need to get more comfortable with. How many dresses does one gal really need?

I have a whole closet full of semi-formal dresses upstairs that have been worn to holiday parties, weddings, and other dressy events. And even though some of the fancier occasions I've had were as much as a year apart, I still felt the need to go out and buy a new dress because I didn't want to be seen wearing the same frock more than once. But giving into the temptation of buying a new dress every single time has wreaked havoc on my available hangar space -- not to mention my wallet. Seriously, would anyone at my husband's company party really notice if I showed up in the same dress as last year? I think not. If Kate Middleton can pull off recycling her wardrobe, then so can I. (I knew I could be just like her if I really tried.)

Do you wear your dresses several times, or buy a new one every time a formal event pops up?


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Aunt_... Aunt_ning

It depends on the situation. I did wear the same dress to homecoming both my Freshman and my Junior Year, as well as wearing it to 2 weddings, using it as a halloween costume 2 times and once to a fancy dinner for work.

mamav... mamavaness

Depends. I wore the same dress to 3 different events but they were 3 events with different groups of friends. if it would have been same group of friends, I would have bought new dresses lol

Disney17 Disney17

I wear what I like and what I can afford. I'm too poor to not rewear my clothes! Lol

Melis... Melissa042807

I used to feel I had to go buy a new dress for everything, but I can't afford that anymore. I did get a really killer fuschia dress last summer (on sale!) that I wore three times in two months, different shoes and jewelry each time. It's basic enough that I could wear it to, say, church, but put some nicer jewelry with it and it's a party dress. 

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