Lindsay Lohan's Outrageous Tanning Bill Will Make You Burning Mad

lindsay lohanEveryone loves a good fake and bake session. Nothing like singeing your epidermis under a billion UV lights to turn a bad day around, that's what I always say. Plus, why wait for cancer when you can basically just buy it? Lindsay Lohan loves her some fake tanning as much as the next girl. Well, she might like it a little more than the next girl. Latest news is that Linds racked up a $40,000 bill at a Las Vegas tanning salon and whoopsies! Forgot to pay.

The tanning salon, Tanning Vegas, alleges that Lindsay owes them for tanning services rendered between 2007 and 2009. A judge even ordered LiLo to fork over the cash but whoopsies! She didn't.


My question is: how does one rack up $40K in tanning salon services? If Lindsay had been tanning at my local skin-cancer joint, she could've gotten 4,000 15-minute tanning sessions for that kind of money. Spread that over two years, and that's about five tanning sessions a day for 24 months.

Good god.

I doubt Lindsay paid more than 10 bucks a session, but still. What kind of super high-priced salon is this? Are they spraying her down with 24-karat gold? I guess that would account for her orangish hue.

Regardless of how or why she's using a tanning salon that much, you gotta wonder about the health hazards. Who knows, maybe all that exposure to UV lights and/or chemical sprays was to blame for her deteriorating dental health. And maybe she's been making poor decisions because her brain's been fried. Maybe everything she looks at is surrounded by a red, burning light similar to that of Kenny Roger's Roasters Chicken.

The tanning salon is trying to have the case moved to California so that Lindsay's assets can be included in the settlement. Could you imagine having to give up your Mercedes in order to pay for your GTL, minus the G and the L, habit? Brutal.

Let this be a lesson to everyone. One, pay what you owe, and two, pale skin isn't the travesty we all think it is.

Do you fake tan? Do you prefer to rock the pale look?


Photo via Splash News

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