10 Hairstyles From Hair Dye Boxes We Need to Try Now (PHOTOS)

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If I had a magic genie who granted my every wish, you know what I'd ask for? Really great hair. What's that, you say? Not a wish you would make? Well, picture this: hair ready to style when you get out of the shower, frizz-free, expertly colored, and curled thick tresses. Or perhaps a picture-perfect bob full of volume. Yeah, now you see what I'm talking about! A girl can really dream, huh?

Yesterday, I was perusing the hair dye section of the drugstore, and I couldn't help but notice just how many of the models on the box have the perfect haircut and color. Every look on every package was a cut I wanted to try. The only thing holding me back is, which one should I do first?

Cue the magic genie 'cause I'm gonna need an endless budget and a seat in a really comfortable hairstyling chair. These top 10 haircuts are the best looks for a hot spring and summer -- and we need to have 'em!

What's your favorite cut? Where do you find your hair inspiration?


Image via Offutt Air Force Base/Flickr

  • L'Oreal: Long and Loved


    Image via Kylie McConville

    This cut looks so long and flawless. Soft waves, a simple side part. Totally perfect for a picnic or a party. It looks so easily managed -- styled without a fight with the blowdryer!

  • L'Oreal: Bang Brigade


    Image via Kylie McConville

    Tell yourself, "Next time, let's do bangs." I just love them. The bangs on this box are the best inspiration! They even look like they could double as full-on bangs or side bangs, depending on your part!

  • John Frieda: Curvaceous Sensation


    Image via Kylie McConville

    Geez, look at those curls. It makes me want to run my fingers through her hair and tell her how great she looks. If you've got longer locks, opt for this style and splurge for a really good curling iron. This is a must-try!

  • John Frieda: Boho Bang Chic


    Image via Kylie McConville

    These bangs look a little bit more boho, especially with the layers and angles that help frame her face. The style definitely brings the edge to a very rocker cut, whereas other bangs can sometimes look more dainty and lady-like.

  • John Frieda: Wispy and Wonderful


    Image via Kylie McConville

    I would die for a cut that was wispy like this and framed my face. There are no bangs to worry about styling (which is awesome for the hot weather!), but the curls and angled layers make me think this is my next go-to haircut!


  • L'Oreal: Va Va Bang


    Image via Kylie McConville

    If you couldn't already tell, bangs are everywhere this season and rightfully so. Super feminine, face-framing, and fun to style -- they should find a spot on every woman's haircut inspiration list! I know they're on mine.

  • Clairol: Cute and Curly


    Image via Kylie McConville

    Finally! Something for short haircuts. The sideswept bangs are a great add-on to this otherwise simple, lovely style. Razzle and dazzle with a bouncy, beautiful, lightweight cut. Classic!

  • Garnier: Soft and Simple


    Image via Kylie McConville

    What's not to love about a timeless look? Soft curls fall effortlessly into place, and this style looks fantastic up or down. When you've got long hair that you like to keep simple, this is definitely the cut for you!

  • Revlon: Real Tight Curls


    Image via Kylie McConville

    A flattering cut for tighter curls. Woo hoo! Say sayonara to demure ringlets and hellooo to sexier curls that work for daytime and nighttime outfits. A haircut like this shows off how much body your locks have!

  • Revlon: Real Simple


    Image via Kylie McConville

    This is a great, simple style that you can pull off with any hair length. See how sweetly this cut frames the model's face? Don't we all want that for our hair? Plus, a trendy middle part keeps your look stylish and sexy!

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