10 Hairstyles From Hair Dye Boxes We Need to Try Now (PHOTOS)

Woman getting a haircut

If I had a magic genie who granted my every wish, you know what I'd ask for? Really great hair. What's that, you say? Not a wish you would make? Well, picture this: hair ready to style when you get out of the shower, frizz-free, expertly colored, and curled thick tresses. Or perhaps a picture-perfect bob full of volume. Yeah, now you see what I'm talking about! A girl can really dream, huh?

Yesterday, I was perusing the hair dye section of the drugstore, and I couldn't help but notice just how many of the models on the box have the perfect haircut and color. Every look on every package was a cut I wanted to try. The only thing holding me back is, which one should I do first?


Cue the magic genie 'cause I'm gonna need an endless budget and a seat in a really comfortable hairstyling chair. These top 10 haircuts are the best looks for a hot spring and summer -- and we need to have 'em!

What's your favorite cut? Where do you find your hair inspiration?


Image via Offutt Air Force Base/Flickr

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