Brad Pitt's Expensive Sunglasses Would Feed 200 Children

brad pittThis is seriously shady! Brad Pitt wore a $1,250 pair of sunglasses to a recent movie premiere.

He hit the red carpet for his Killing Them Softly screening at Cannes rocking super-pricey, titanium aviators by Sama Eyewear that have mirrored lenses coated with 18K rose gold.


As Pitt usually does, he looked good. Really good. I know a lot of people hate the "jesus look" he's been going for lately, but I dig it. What I don't go for? Over-the-top, eye-roll-worthy excess from a do-gooder like Pitt. 

Insane luxury is as essential as breathing for some stars. Kanye West bought a $180,000, gold wrist watch encrusted with brown, white, yellow, and black diamonds arranged into the shape of his face. Suri Cruise's parents plunked down $100,000 for a custom made tree house.

But Brad Pitt is different. He and Angelina Jolie are the kinds of superstars that make me want to follow in their philanthropic footsteps. They give millions to charity, build houses for hurricane-ravaged families, and keep attention focused on issues that the public would have otherwise long-ago forgotten. He gives and tells us regular folks to give too (just on a much, much, much smaller scale of course). Cheating and man-stealing allegations aside, they are really good people. Can you honestly say that about most celebrities?

So sporting these over-priced specs seems like a pretty crude move. Couldn't that money be better used to, well, feed a starving kid or something? Even more excessive? The $500,000 engagement ring he slipped on Angie's finger a month ago. Can you imagine how many refugees that sparkly sucker could save? I just hope she doesn't wear the rock on her next United Nations mission.

Do you think stars should flash over-the-top buys when so many people are struggling?

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