Lindsay Lohan's Braless Look Isn't a Good One (VIDEO)

Lindsay LohanI'm sort of surprised how much support Lindsay Lohan has been getting during this big comeback of hers. But hey -- after her Saturday Night Live and Glee stints, the actress has pretty much solidly proven that she wants to genuinely get back in the game. Heck, I know I'm definitely a fan of it all. There's one place she's missing a bit of support though ... under her shirt. The actress was filmed walking into a photoshoot yesterday in West Hollywood, and welp, her girls were nothing short of bouncetastic.

I hate to say this Lindsay, but if I had to pick the worse of two boob-related evils -- overwhelming cleavage or freely bouncing beauties -- I'd rather see ya put on a bra. Just being honest.


First, let's take a look at the sitch in question, shall we?

Yeahhh, that's a serious strut that Linds has going on.

Linds is well endowed, to say the least. How can walking around sans appropriate bra feel comfortable for her? I used to have bigger girls, and when I did, it would hurt if I walked around for too long without the right support.

Comparatively, rockin' a low-cut shirt just seems like a sexier alternative to me. Of course, there are times when cleavage can be too much (cough, Lea Michele on Letterman, cough) -- but playing up your best assets is what being a woman's about. I'm not sure if allowing 'em to bounce all over the place is really doing any lady any favors.

What do you think about going braless? Do you like to show off your girls?

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