5 'Housewives' With Hilariously Heinous Sense of Style

housewivesPsst! One of your cast mates is on the list!We all love to hate on some Housewives fashion. Whether they're walking their dogs in the neighborhood or throwing themselves one helluva baby shower, the ladies always seem to dress absolutely ridiculously. We've learned from the series that it doesn't matter if you're from Atlanta or Beverly Hills, bad style is bad style.

Let's take a look at 5 of the worst fashion fails across Housewives history and collectively ask ourselves: What the hell were they thinking?

Which Housewife do you think has the worst style?

Photo via Bravotv.com

  • Gretchen Rossi, 'RHOC'


    When Gretchen Rossi walks the dogs, she dresses like Malibu Work Out Barbie. When I walk the dogs, I dress like Brooklyn Hit By a Truck Barbie. Big difference.

  • Teresa Giudice, 'RHONJ'


    Teresa Giudice. I mean, I can't. Who wears this to the beach?

  • Lisa Vanderpump, 'RHOBH'


    I know it was her daughter's day, but man, I can't believe anyone would let anyone dress them in this pink princess ensemble, complete with rhinestone tiara. Lisa looks pretty ridiculous in that getup at her age -- it's for the second grade and under crowd.

  • Phaedra Parks, 'RHOA'


    Phaedra's "boughetto" baby shower was the talk of the town ... for all the wrong reasons. Between the flowers in her hair and those glittery eyelashes, the mama-to-be looked, well, crazy.

  • Mama Elsa, 'RHOM'


    It's hard to not like Mama Elsa. She's freaking hilarious and I wish we were related. But when it comes to her, um, style, she's certainly off her rocker. The plastic surgery alone is enough to question her sanity.

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