Makeup Free Friday: Ashley Olsen Shows Some Skin for Once (VIDEO)

ashley olsenIt's not often you see this specimen in its natural state, but earlier this week in Hawaii, our subject was spotted without its usual layers or cover. That's right, Ashley Olsen was photographed wearing a bikini, looking happy, and not holding a Venti Starbucks cup. It was a banner day.

When we think of the Olsens, we think of miniature humans cloaked in heavy clothing -- it's not often we get to see one smiling and frolicking around in the sun. It's great to see Ash having a good time, and I'll be honest, it's great to see her show off her slammin' figure. Why she feels the need to wear a black sack that covers her from head to toe is one of the world's greatest mysteries.


The 25-year-old fashion mogul is now a staple on the fashion scene -- she and sister Mary-Kate represent their lines The Row and Elizabeth & James at every big fashion event -- so it's no wonder Ashley is enjoying some R&R on the beach. After the Met Ball, I'm sure she was excited to show a little something and feel the warm breeze against her skin ... for once.

I wonder if the girls will ever come off that covered up band wagon they've been riding for years and start to experiment with less Amish-looking attire. I hope they realize they're only young once.

But who knows, maybe the body-length clothes they love to wear is their ticket to staying young. Pretty hard to get any sun damage, pre-mature or otherwise, when you dress like this 364 days a year.

Watch a makeup free Ashley Olsen frolic in the waves:

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