7 Weird Beauty Treatments Too Creepy for Most Women

vampireI am willing to suffer for sexiness. Why else would I wince my way through a wedding in those instruments of torture better known as Jimmy Choos?

I've been plucked, tweezed, peeled, and scrubbed. And no judgement here if a nip/tuck is your thing. However, when a friend of mine got the Vampire Facial, well, I realized there are some things just too damn creepy to do.

I'm all for the Cullen craze, but this takes things way too far. First blood is drawn from your arm. Then it's spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets, which are later injected into your face with a needle. Ouch and ewww!


Here's what it's supposed to do: smooth out your face, neck, and decolletage.

Here's what it did to my friend: Her face was swollen and ripply, almost like there were walnuts burrowed under her skin. At best you figured she had a really bad allergic reaction. At worst, she was hit in the face.

Well, apparently that is a normal side effect. Sometimes the blood goop needs to settle. After a few days, it did and I admit her skin looked a bit more supple. But she is already so pretty, I couldn't understand why she would even try it to begin with. No way the sales pitch was that good. My motto: stick to the stuff that's been done a million times before, like Botox. There's no glory in being a vanity procedure pioneer.

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