‘Glee’ Star Lea Michele Has More Hidden Tattoos Than You’d Ever Guess (VIDEO)

lea michele tattoosHow many tattoos would you say Lea Michele has. One? Two? Five? The Glee star went on David Letterman last night in a cleavage-happy dress and disclosed to a drooling Dave that she's got way more than just five. Lea says that tattoos are kind of like her family pastime; instead of hiding eggs on Easter, they head to the tattoo shop to all get inked. A family that tats together, stays together maybe?

So. Just how many permanent little marks does Lea have in total?


Not five, not seven, not ten. Lea's got FOURTEEN tattoos and says they're all on her hidden spots. Ooh la la, that really got Dave frothing. Watch:

Lea says she doesn't want any more ink, but she's gotta understand that tattoos are like Pringles in that way: once you pop, you just can't stop.

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But like she said, she's kind of running out of room. If all the spots like her feet, under wrists, and behind the ear are all taken, the next one she may get might be visible on a daily basis, and that's probably not ideal for someone in her line of work. It would take a lot of makeup and a lot of frustration to cover up a big bicep tat on a girl who's playing a high school goody two shoes.

As a general statement, I like tattoos. I don't have any, but you know, good ones on other people look pretty rad. And I never miss an opportunity to say to a stranger "rad tat" because, well, who could pass that up. Rad tat is just so fun to say.

Anyway, only time will tell if Lea's done with tattoos, but something tells me that if her body real estate is, in fact, up, then she might have gotten her last one. Her career seems too important to her to get an eagle on her back.

What do you think of little itty bitty tattoos?


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