Scott Disick Is Fashion King in Ridiculous Technicolor Dream Coat

scott disickScott Disick is the reason I watch any of the Kardashian reality shows. He's the most hilarious ego-maniac that side of the Mississippi. Sure, he's kind of a terrible person and that whole period where he was drunk and literally shoving money down people's throats was abhorrent, but in general, when he's sober, he's the best source of comic relief there is. And it alllll starts with the fashion.

I absolutely love Scott's sense of style. Sounds sarcastic, because who loves Scott Disick’s sense of style, but he’s got a great eye, takes a lot of entertaining risks, and in general, totally werks it. Look at him! How can you not love this asshole?


In London for some reason or another, Scott decided to channel the great Lords and Princes of yore and wear a fur-lined bedspread embellished with what I like to believe is solid gold thread. Topping off the ensemble is a pimp cane, blue velvet slippers, and that head of hair that just won't quit.

We've seen Scott in some pretty out-there outfits before, but I have to believe this Disick and the Technicolor Dream Coat pairing takes the cake. A neon Polo shirt with a popped collar has nothing on this get up.

As Scott continues to hone his skills as a malignant narcissist, I look forward to seeing him in more outrageous fashions. This coat is hopefully just the beginning of absolutely ridiculous and vainglorious sartorial stylings.

All hail the king.

What do you think of Scott's sense of style?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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