Brad Pitt Commits a Major Sin With His Jesus Look

brad pitt   Ok -- somebody seriously needs to give Brad Pitt a copy of the memo stating that the whole "Jesus" look went out of style about 1,000 years ago, because he obviously missed it somehow. Because he showed up at the Cannes Film Festival looking like he should probably be wearing a toga and Birkenstocks instead of a suit.

I know, I know -- he was probably going for a more edgy, laid-back, "I'm such a cool dude and I know it" kind of vibe. But the Jesus thing? Really?! He may be considered one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, but looking all Biblical just isn't working for Mr. Pitt.


For one thing, the gray hairs in his beard are much more noticeable than usual, which makes him show every single one of his 48 years. It's almost like the long hair draws your eye straight to the scruff -- and straight to the fact that his boyish Thelma and Louise days are gone for good. (OMG. How hot was he back then?)

And looking his age isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the truth is Brad would appear at least 10 years younger if he went back to a clean-shaven face and short haircut. Plus, he'd look a little more red carpet ready and a lot less Ashton Kutcher-ish. Didn't he pay attention to all of the criticism Ashton received when he hopped on the Jesus bandwagon? He served as the perfect example that this "trend" should never be attempted again. Unless someone successfully invents a time machine.

Be honest -- what do you think of Brad's scruffy look?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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