7 Awful 'Glee' Fashion Fails Just in Time for the Finale (PHOTOS)

7 Awful 'Glee' Fashion Fails Just in Time for the Finale (PHOTOS)

Glee wins nationals season 3

Spoiler alert! The Glee season finale, "Goodbye," is fast approaching! Like TONIGHT, people!

But, oh, wait, you knew that already. Right. Well, they won nationals, Rachel & Finn found love while others lost loves, Coach Sylvester overdosed on gummies, Quinn survived a car accident, they made it through prom and anti-prom, the entire crew sang for Whitney Houston, and they did it all with almost impeccable style.

Everything about this past season of Glee had a gleek jumping for joy -- except the really bad fashion choices. So before Glee Season 4 begins and some of our favorites get ready for graduation, let's vow to never, ever make these kind of mistakes ever again.

You hear me, McKinley High?

Are you as excited as we are for the season finale of Glee?

Image via FOX

  • Kurt's Asymmetrical Hem


    Image via FOX

    Kurt, listen to me. Both colors look fantastic against your natural tone, but is it a turtleneck or is it a button-down shirt?

  • Sue's Top Hat


    Image via FOX

    There's my girl! Track suit and everything. I know you were gearing up for Teacher of the Year, but Jane, trust me when I tell you there's just no room for a top hat with this outfit.

  • Tina's Tube Socks


    Image via FOX

    Tina, sweetheart, your outfit is so very daring. It's just ... ugh, the shoe-and-sock combo is really what's killing me here. Too much gray, girlfriend!

  • Will's Track Suit Scare


    Image via FOX


    Oh no, no, no! Please, please, please stay far, far away from the track suits. You are the hunky teacher with the wonderful wardrobe. I do not want to tune in to this outfit ever again.

  • Kurt's Pleather Pants


    Image via FOX

    Just so we're clear here -- it's not you, it's your pants. A little bit 'Mambo No. 5' or 'Livin' La Vida Loca,' don't you think?

  • Rachel's Retro Look


    Image via FOX

    I thought Rachel rocked this retro inspired get-up from her head to her ... wait, wait a minute. The tube socks paired with her heels is a fashion fad I just can't get into.

  • Sue Channels Star Trek


    Image via FOX

    Really, Sue? Really!? Though this might be your idea of getting all gussied up for prom, Star Trek called and they want their glasses back. But if anyone else was ever going to imitate this look spot-on, I'm glad it was you.

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