7 Awful 'Glee' Fashion Fails Just in Time for the Finale (PHOTOS)

Glee wins nationals season 3

Spoiler alert! The Glee season finale, "Goodbye," is fast approaching! Like TONIGHT, people!

But, oh, wait, you knew that already. Right. Well, they won nationals, Rachel & Finn found love while others lost loves, Coach Sylvester overdosed on gummies, Quinn survived a car accident, they made it through prom and anti-prom, the entire crew sang for Whitney Houston, and they did it all with almost impeccable style.

Everything about this past season of Glee had a gleek jumping for joy -- except the really bad fashion choices. So before Glee Season 4 begins and some of our favorites get ready for graduation, let's vow to never, ever make these kind of mistakes ever again.

You hear me, McKinley High?

Are you as excited as we are for the season finale of Glee?

Image via FOX


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