Rihanna Sees Your See-Through Skirt Trend & Raises You a See-Through Bra

rihannaSo you know that whole see-through skirt trend? Rihanna took it to the next level last Thursday when she wore, well, see-through everything. The attention-grabbing singer was in Santa Monica and Instagrammed a photo of herself getting ready for dinner at a nice Italian place, Giorgio Baldi, and never one to miss an opportunity to wear as little clothing as possible, RiRi wore a bandeau bra, a transparent skirt, and nothing else except some slinky jewelry.

So, what do you think. Has this transparent trend gone too far, or what?

If you answered "or what", you'd be correct. Leave it to Rihanna to totally ruin it for the rest of us. Not that we were all running out to buy crocheted skirts, but still. Even if we wanted to, we can't now, thanks to Rihanna. Why?

Because once someone is like I see your see-through skirt trend and I raise you a see-through skirt and see-through bra, you can't top that. There's nothing else you can do. Unless you just wrapped some yarn around your naked torso and legs, you can't do anything more to embellish on the trend.

Not that you wanted to.

Rihanna's an expert at wearing very little clothing and releasing "personal" photos on the web -- a few weeks ago in Hawaii, she shared pics of herself on Facebook in a bikini. Not sure which offered more coverage -- that bathing suit, or this particular ensemble?

The "Where Have You Been" singer isn't always 90 percent naked. She looked sexy at the Met Ball but still looked sophisticated while showing some skin. But this transparent look? Come on, Coachella ended weeks ago. Rihanna, you're better than this.

What do you think of Rihanna's outfit?

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Photo via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar A


ThatT... ThatTattooedMom

^if all you're going to say is something boring like that why comment??


nonmember avatar Dinnyq

If you got it, flaunt it. It's Rihanna. Her body is banging. So she can wear that!

Marti Bowker

 ho ho holy skank Batman! It's just Riri again..........


Darian Stephens

I used to enjoy her music, but I no longer think it is appropriate for my family. As for what she's wearing, more power to her. I would never wear it outside of a strip club, but it's her body, and she can dress it (or not) however she pleases.

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