Miley Cyrus Forgot to Wear Pants at Billboard Music Awards (VIDEO)

miley cyrusWhile I didn't get around to watching the Billboard Music Awards last night, I was pretty excited to check out the photos this morning from the show to see the best and worst dressed ladies at the event (best part of any awards show, hands down). And when I first saw Miley Cyrus looking all glam with her big hair, my first thought was that she looked really grown-up and pretty. But then I did a double take and realized that her all-white get-up wasn't a dress at all -- but a short Jean Paul Gautier jacket. Yes, a jacket -- and nothing else but a pair of Louboutins (which were super cute, by the way).

And then I zoomed in even closer and sat at the computer with a puzzled look wondering how in the heck she managed to keep her junk from spilling out all over the blue carpet. She must have had access to some pretty heavy duty double sided tape. Well, either that or she was willing to take the risk of having a major wardrobe malfunction. (It's all good, y'all!)


I have to be honest -- I want to hate this look. I really do. But (dare I say it?) I think Miley actually managed to pull it off without looking trashy. She's young, and her regular Pilates workouts are definitely paying off, and as much as I want to make fun of her and call her out for being a little too risque, I just can't seem to get past the fact that she looks kinda good.

But I also can't help but wonder how she was able to sit down in that outfit without flashing the entire crowd. Maybe she had on a pair of hot pants under there that weren't visible to the naked eye? Or maybe the front of the jacket is an optical illusion and she's actually wearing shorts?

Whatever the case, if this were any other young starlet than Miley, the jacket would be way too skimpy. She's got just the right amount of confidence and sass to pull it off -- and then there's her reputation. I'll leave it at that.

You can get another look at Miley's sexy jacket in the video clip below.

Do you think Miley's jacket-dress was a bit too revealing?

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