5 Awesome Wedding Gowns That Have Straps (Finally!)

The strapless wedding gown is one of those things that many modern brides take for granted. A design that is cheaper than one with extra fabric, the strapless wedding gown has become nearly ubiquitous at the altar and yet they are not all that flattering on the majority of brides.

Oh yeah, I said that. Relax, I went strapless, too. And I was so happy during my wedding, I could have had a burlap sack on and I would have looked radiant just like all brides. This is because I FELT radiant. So, no, your strapless dress didn't ruin your wedding.

But ladies, really. We can do better. Writer Katherine Goldstein addresses this issue in Slate and it inspired me to find 5 gowns that are more flattering than a strapless one. Here they are:

Image via Vera Wang

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