Topless in Public: Mystery SOLVED

Topless WomanAll right, so I have to admit that I'm getting a little tired of the topless woman controversy. Clearly, though, the fact that I saw not one but TWO topless women shopping in NYC has struck a nerve with many here on The Stir ... so I feel compelled to share The Epilogue with you before we move on to other fashion news.

An intrepid reader Tweeted me today to let me know that Gothamist posted an interview with the topless woman today on its blog.

The mystery is history.

Check out the woman and listen to her story (but not if you're at work! Ta ta alert!) after the jump- then tell me in the comments if you think more women should go topless in New York.


First off, when I saw the shot of this woman's face, I thought, "I think that's her..." But when I saw the video pan down to her chest, I knew it was her. I have never actually identified a woman by her bare breasts before, so that was weird.

Secondly, I'm really curious about what you think of the fact that she was arrested for hanging out near a playground. Obviously, she shouldn't have been handcuffed and taken away since walking around topless is perfectly legal in New York -- but I'm a little conflicted about the fact that she was hanging out (literally) around a kids' play area. I don't think that my children would be DAMAGED by seeing a woman's bare breasts in public, particularly in this scenario, when it's clear that there's nothing overtly sexual or "sexy" about what she's doing or how she looks. I do, however, think that she would create the need for an annoying and confusing conversation with my kids as to why the majority of women cover up their breasts in public. I don't really want to have that conversation with 8 and 5-year-olds and I know my kids would have a lot of questions about topless woman if they saw her out in public.

That said, I have a feeling this topless craze is catching on in New York. It is very close to becoming a TREND ... and if it does? Well, you saw it here first.

What do you think of Topless Woman's interview?


Screen Grab via JoeyBoots

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