Cover Your Toplessness with a Denim Vest!

Denim VestForgive my absence around here- I've been a little busy lately, shooting season two of I'll Take That Dare (which I can't WAIT for you to see).

I finally read over the many comments left on the last post I wrote, about the topless woman I saw out shopping when I was on location in New York last week. Some of you expressed disbelief that I actually saw such a thing, which made me laugh because the very next day, I saw ANOTHER topless woman wearing a backpack AND A PENCILED-IN MOUSTACHE. This happened, y'all. A year from now, topless woman will be everywhere and you'll laugh wryly about the time you doubted the fact that I saw what I saw.

However, this post isn't about toplessness. This post is about something else I saw everywhere in New York. Something even more exciting than bare breasts. And that something is ...



I spent a day shopping in some of the trendiest shops on Fifth Avenue and nearly every one of them featured suitably worn-in denim vests in their front windows.

Many of you probably already own this fashion staple- Get yours out now, and you will be on top of the trend. Denim jackets also are back, but I prefer the vest for the summer months- It's a much cooler option.

The denim vest above retails for a hefty $205 at Designs by Stephene, but you can find a similar look for much less if you don't already have one in your wardrobe. Check it:


TopShopI love this MOTO sleeveless denim jacket (Topshop, $76).


J.CrewJ.Crew recommends wearing one over a sundress or skirt- This version is on sale right now for $69.99 and I might just be picking up one of my own ...


GAPAnd GAP has the least expensive denim vest right now, at $64.95. I'm sure you'll be able to find them cheaper soon, but at this point, the look is still new, so they're a bit pricy for the look.

I'm excited about the denim vest mostly because it's a very mom-friendly trend. Summer can be the least flattering time of year, what with the hot weather and the need to wear light clothing. A denim vest helps you cover that mummy tummy or muffin top while still staying relatively cool. Just choose the lightest-weight sleeveless jacket you can find, and you should be good for summer.

What do you think of the return of the denim vest? Will you rock the look this summer?


Images (top to bottom): Designs by Stephene, Topshop, J.Crew, GAP

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