Jenny McCarthy Poses Again for 'Playboy,' Proving Moms Still Got It

jenny mccarthy playboyAt 39 years old, Jenny McCarthy still looks great enough to pose nude for Playboy. The host of NBC's reality show Love in the Wild will be the cover model for the magazine's dual July/August issue that'll hit stands late June. Lest you think her hotness will only be on the cover, Jenny will also have a full spread pictorial on the inside. Ay carumba. She's used to all this, though, she was pretty familiar with this scene about 20 years ago.

She admitted on Access Hollywood back in 2010 that she'd consider posing for Playboy if all the money went to autism research, but no word yet on whether or not she's following through with that idea.


I was a fan of Jenny's when she hosted Singled Out and I think that episode where she guest-starred on Wings taught me everything I know about the humor of mis-remembered song lyrics, but she kind of lost me when she went all anti-vaccine on my ass. That said, donating money to research is probably the noblest cause one can have when taking off all their clothes, and for that, I gotta give her a big, fully-clothed hug.

Plus, at almost 40 with a kid, it's pretty remarkable that she's stayed in such great shape that she feels confident baring it all. I know we're all TOLD that we should feel confident no matter our shape or size, but still, I have to hand it to her for taking such great care of herself. I mean, we all saw that photo of her when she was 211 pounds in the delivery room -- she must have worked really hard to whip her figure back into shape and that's nothing to shirk at.

On that same episode of Access Hollywood, Jenny revealed that she'd be nervous doing the shoot because she feels like her "puppies" are heading south, which, to be fair, is probably true. What 39-year-old's breasts aren't heading in that direction? Something tells me though that Jenny won't have to worry about that -- there's an eager man holding a stylus somewhere right now just waiting to PhotoShop any "imperfection" he may find.

Here's hoping Jenny does, in fact, donate her Playboy paycheck to autism research, and here's to hot 39-year-old mamas everywhere. Werk it, girls.

What do you think about Jenny McCarthy posing for Playboy?


Photo via Playboy

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