Miley Cyrus Teaches the Art of Skin Tight Dresses

Miley Cyrus tight dressPretty much everything that Miley Cyrus does lately has magically become "newsworthy." Everything that she wears? Forgettaboutit. The latest buzz? Miley's swapped out her teensy gym clothes for something a little snazzier but just as tight. The little gray dress (keyword: little) she wore out in Miami has everyone on the fritz. Surprise surprise: It's skin tight. Oh, did I mention it's super little?

Let's be real, though -- Miley's dress is a staple piece. I actually think it's safe to say that most women in America own something very similar. In like, four colors.

Heck, I know I do.


We all have them, staple pieces. You know what I'm talking about, right? The perfect black tank, your favorite leggings, the go-to v-neck for a casual night with the girls -- those sorta things. Miley's gray dress is a summer must-have. Granted, not all people rock her staple dress solo-dolo. But I say if she's got the figure, then why not? She was hanging out in Miami. It's hot there. When it's steamy, people go sleeveless, wear shorts, skirts, the whole nine yards.

Hell, I'd even go as far as to say that Miley wore the dress well. She's clearly been workin' out those gams, which is a MUST if you're opting for a more fitted look. Plus, it's not like it was overly skin tight in the mid-section, where most women would want the fabric to be a little forgiving. Generally, I'd suggest bulking up on the accessories a bit more, but hey -- if simplistic is her thing, then who am I to stop her?

I say good looks, Miley. You're lookin' fine. Check out the mob that followed Miley out of her Miami hotel, here:

What do you think about Miley's little gray dress?


Image via Splash News

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