10 Things Moms Should Never Be Caught Wearing (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | May 17, 2012 Beauty & Style

britney spears jason trawickOk, I have to admit, when I saw Britney Spears wearing a slinky mini dress earlier this week not once, but twice, I couldn't resist rolling my eyes and thinking, "Now that's something that no mom should EVER wear." I mean, the dress she wore in this particular photo was so short that her fiance, Jason Trawick, actually had to place his hand on her thigh so her "junk" wouldn't fall out of the side. And if you're worried about your dress showing off part of your nether regions? Yeah -- it's probably too short. Mini dresses look pretty risque on anyone, but on moms they're just unacceptable.

And ridiculously short dresses are just one thing at the top of a list of 10 things moms need to quit trying to pull off once and for all. (Give it up already, ladies.)

Check out the photos below to see what else qualifies as a major fashion faux pas.

Is there a particular outfit that makes you cringe when you see a mom wearing it?


Image via Pacific Coast News