NEW Dos & Don’ts of Wearing White After Memorial Day (PHOTOS)

Kim KArdashian in WhiteLet's be real: The winter white thing was never really a hard sell. I don't know, it's always just been drilled into my head that white is a SUMMER color and that's probably why. Meh, just not natural. The good news for fans of the crisp clean neutral (like me!) is that Memorial Day is almost here, and that means white is a total 100 percent GO.

However, just because it's time to start wearing white -- doesn't mean there aren't rules. Exhibit A: Look at Kim Kardashian rockin' the white look a week early in London! Combining white on top AND bottom? Total DO. Maybe in years past, I would have said it's too much. But heck, if Kimmy can do it -- then so can we all, right? She looks so fun, so summery!

Check out our list of other dos and don'ts for wearing white this summer, here:


Do: Rock a cute pair of white shorts or pants.

Make sure, however, that they're a good material. As with any light-colored bottom -- the thinner the material, the more likely you will see dimples and unflattering cellulite. Clearly NOT the goal! Also, be careful where you plop, ladies! The last thing anyone wants is an awkward stain in the tush area.

White shorts and pantsLeft: Michael Kors, $79.50; Right: Gap, $49.95

Don't: Wear it too sheer.

Yeah yeah, we've all been through that hippytastic phase where owning something sheer was so totally "in." However, wearing white is a way to brighten things up, not expose your lady parts. Wearing a top that is sheer enough to expose your bra is, like, sooooo junior high school. We know you're better than that!

Do: Rock a fun white dress.

White Dresses
Left to right: Old Navy, $44.94; LOFT, $49.50; H&M, $17.95

Don't these dresses just SCREAM summer? Pair them with some bright and funky colorful accessories (my personal fave go-to is anything coral or turquoise colored) and you'll have the perfect seasonal outfit for fun in the sun.

Don't: Go too tight.

Let's look at Britney Spears for an example of what NOT to do, shall we?

Britney Spears

I'm actually really excited to see her as a judge on X Factor; however, this dress is just wretched. Before, I would have said if you have the body to go teensy, why not!? But well, I think Brit's proven that as it is -- white is such an attention grabbing color. Donning it in such little amounts makes you look cheap.

Do you have any rules of your own for wearing white in the summer? Are you a fan?

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