Banking on Kim Kardashian Butt Envy Costs Company $40 Million

Kim KardashianIt was a lovely thought. Just put on a pair of shoes and you too can have an ass like Kim Kardashian. That's what Skechers ads for its shape-up shoes seemed to imply, and good lord, people wanted to believe. So they went out and bought their shoes, but alas, their asses were no better.

Oh well, just another case of consumers doing wishful buying and not so much of that bewaring we're supposed to do, right? Wrong. This time the government has stepped in to debunk the implications and claims made by Skechers, and the company now has to pay $40 million to people who bought the shoes and don't like their butts any better. Ka-ching.

If you recall, one of Kim's sexy advertisements for the shoes appeared during the Super Bowl in 2011. It was steamy and implied pretty directly that you could ditch your workout for a pair of shoes ("Bye-bye, trainer. Hello, Shape-ups," she says) Here it is to refresh your memory.

If only ... The federal government, however, says the claims made are as false as Kim Kardahian's eyelashes (my words, not theirs) and that when it comes to these shoes, for millions of people "the only thing that got a workout was their wallet."

Did anyone really believe anything else? I guess so, and if you're one of them, you can get your money back -- and maybe use it to go join gym if you're still looking to tone your tush. To apply for a refund visit the Skechers refund page and file an online claim submission form. The amount of your refund may vary on how many people file claims and other circumstances.

I guess the bottom line is that while this time the government is stepping in to save consumers' butts, that's not always going to be the case. Buyers need to beware of all products that sound too good to be true ... and realize that Kim Kardashian's ass just isn't going to happen for most of us no matter what.

Did you buy these shoes? Are you more or less likely to buy products with celebrities' images on them?


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Ember... Emberbaby

Wow they airbrushed the hell out of her armpits in this picture!

Torra... TorranceMom

I wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of those shoes.

kuwel... kuwelsdestiny

I think the bottom line is that we need to stop aspiring to be like a slut lol Serena Williams has a better butt, AND a better reason for being famous.

Stacey. Stacey.

Kim has a huge i-sit-on-my-ass-and-eat-all-day type of ass, and people thought they could get that by wearing "fitness' shoes? Considering these shoes dont do shit, people can get Kim's ass by wearing them... drop the lawsuit!!!

4cadi... 4cadillac

Wow...such negative hateful comments! Maybe u all need 2 watch the commercial. All i got from it is Kim wears those shoes. Its a gimmick 2 buy their different from any other commercial. Kim is NO different from us she jus has a camera following hur 24/7.

Suzi Hoffman Castiglione

I didn't buy the shoes because of the celebrity involved....actually in spite of her. 

But, I am so sorry I did. The pain I have every day is not going to be helped by the $20 I will get from Skechers!!

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