5 Frizz-Free Humid Hairstyles in Under 5 Minutes (PHOTOS)

Woman with curly hairAll right, before we get the ball really rolling here, I've got a confession to make. I hate hair. Not yours, usually just mine. Long, short, up, down, pixie, mermaid ... I hate it all. Especially in the summer, when the heat and humidity are already making me sluggish and tired.

Which is why it's no surprise that come warmer weather, it's always on the top of my head. I tell myself I don't have the extra 5 minutes. Yet I always regret it later when I'm sipping on margaritas, wedged between my effortlessly chic girlfriends. Ya know, the ones who took the 5 extra minutes to style their hair. 

So I made a pledge to myself that this summer, things are going to change. And what do ya know?! It's not difficult to find frizz-free looks that are quick and easy to do -- without expensive gels, serums, primping, styling, and blow drying, believe it or not!

Check out these 5 effortless hairstyles perfect for hot, sticky afternoons.

What's your favorite summer hairstyle? Do you have any frizz-free tricks?


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the4m... the4mutts

I'm sorry to say, the braid and twist look horrible on you. They are not flattering to your face shape at all.

You should have traded emily for the white headband.

The elastic one was my favorite

nonmember avatar Suggestion

Maybe you guys should include "slideshow" in the title like you do for "photo" and "video.". That way, the readers who hate the slideshows won't feel cheated when they go to read the article, as many readers don't bother once they see a slideshow anyway.

nonmember avatar Rebecca McNally

Being fair skinned, I also have very dry,curly red hair. I always have hand cream everywhere and I use it on my body but I also use it to tame my frizzies. I love it because my hands get moisterised and I also run it into my curls and scrunch or if I pull it back in a pony-tail, I use it to calm the little hairs that are coming in around my hairline. I also use a brand of hair treatment that was made for black people's hair. I love it and it makes my curls shine and no more frizzies!!! The brand is BB,the bottle or plastic "jar" with a lid. The writing on it is in hot pink. The main ingrediant in the cream is castor oil without the smell and it works so well. I used to have to use different oils from the kitchen including Crisco and now I use the BB brand and will not use anything else!!!!

Sweet... SweetPieMama24

I agree with the above!!! I'm not clicking for six friggin pictures page after page that's ridiculous

nonmember avatar catlizmom

These styles are all ok if you are young, but would look ridiculous on anyone over 30. Not very helpful.

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