5 Frizz-Free Humid Hairstyles in Under 5 Minutes (PHOTOS)

Woman with curly hairAll right, before we get the ball really rolling here, I've got a confession to make. I hate hair. Not yours, usually just mine. Long, short, up, down, pixie, mermaid ... I hate it all. Especially in the summer, when the heat and humidity are already making me sluggish and tired.

Which is why it's no surprise that come warmer weather, it's always on the top of my head. I tell myself I don't have the extra 5 minutes. Yet I always regret it later when I'm sipping on margaritas, wedged between my effortlessly chic girlfriends. Ya know, the ones who took the 5 extra minutes to style their hair. 

So I made a pledge to myself that this summer, things are going to change. And what do ya know?! It's not difficult to find frizz-free looks that are quick and easy to do -- without expensive gels, serums, primping, styling, and blow drying, believe it or not!

Check out these 5 effortless hairstyles perfect for hot, sticky afternoons.

What's your favorite summer hairstyle? Do you have any frizz-free tricks?


Image via *fotu/Flickr

  • Braids


    Braids are everywhere these days and they've finally made it to my head. Maybe this one was pushing the 5-minute limit, but it was still one of the easiest. It's off and away from the front of my face. No fussing. Cha-ching!

  • Elastic Headbands


    This is about as summer-perfect as it gets, people. My mop, er, hair is as high as I can get it ... but with a touch of high fashion. Elastic headbands might be my favorite hot weather go-to. They come in all kinds of colors, and some are braided. Best part? I didn't even have to check for bumps!

  • Headbands


    In less than 5 minutes (read: 37 seconds), Emily's hair was in a low bun, comfy, and accessorized to perfection with the help of a thin, white headband.

  • Turbans and Hair Wraps


    This is cool. Amirite or amirite? Old scarf, hair wrap, piece of fabric, a floral sock ... use whatever you can for this look. Okay, maybe don't use a winter scarf, but you still get what I mean. Just put your hair up and slide this guy on. You totally won't regret it.

  • Twists


    If putting a headband in my hair was the easiest, then this was the runner-up. On days that my hair is especially unruly, I just twist my hair, get it out of my face, and pin it back. Ta-da! No hassle.

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