Jennifer Love Hewitt Confession About Vajazzling Makes Us Cross Our Legs

jennifer love hewittIt happened a few years ago -- suddenly gluing things to your vaginal area became, like, a thing. I thought the trend wouldn't last, that it'd be a flash in the pan like those god-awful teeth grills, but here we are, many years later, and people are still talking about vajazzling. And not just people people, but famous people, too. Jennifer Love Hewitt, star of The Client List, told a reporter at the A&E upfronts last week that she vajazzled her hoohah for the special occasion.

Apparently, a couture gown and a team of hair and makeup personnel aren't enough to make one feel their pertiest. To really feel your best, you need to affix glittery rhinestones to your pubic triangle.


I'm not sure why J.L.H. feels the need to bedazzle her nether regions, I mean, I gotta assume that less is more in her case. Her body's so hot -- why distract from all that natural goodness with some dollar store rhinestones? I don't care how expensive the procedure is, it still looks cheap.

Since Jennifer was in New York for the upfronts, perhaps she stopped by Cindy Barshop's salon. The former Real Housewives of New York star is known for giving her clients some outrageous upper vaginal accessories, such as feathers and hot pink fox fur. Fabulous.

Ms. Hewitt's been in over-share mode for a while now -- that whole Adam Levine thing and her admission that she loves her breasts (who doesn't) just to name a few -- so maybe her dishing on her vajazzle is just her latest and greatest attempt to get us talking about her. If so, kudos to Jen. Her plan worked like a charm.

Despite what we may or may not collectively hope for, seems like vajazzling isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

What do you think about vajazzling?


Photo via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

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