Miley Cyrus Regrettably Jumps on See-Through Skirt Bandwagon

miley cyrusIs there a shortage in fabric? Are our cotton supplies running low? You have to wonder when stars start wearing half a skirt if there's not some greater political message behind their drafty dresses. Miley Cyrus is the latest A-lister to wear a questionable outfit -- her crocheted skirt was only half finished before she decided to wear it out and about in Miami Beach. She looked crisp and cool from the waist up (that cropped chambray shirt and aviators look great on her), but from the hips down, she looked like a fifth grade art teacher who only wears clothing she knits in her spare time when she's not fixing her kiln or wondering what the hell happened to her cats.

Point is this skirt is not Miley's best look. And in Miami, you have to be careful with a pattern like that -- she'll be rocking a bizarre shin tan in no time if she's not careful.

But Miley isn't alone

Unfortunately, she's not the only star committing this see-through bottom crime. There are plenty more where she came from.

Charlize Theron might have been wearing Christian Dior Haute Couture, but it was hard to see, if only because there was so little of it -- she wore the transparent gown to the premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman in London over the weekend.

Not to be outdone, co-star Kristen Stewart also went see-through below the waist. In her gossamer Marchesa gown, you could see that KStew opted for sneaks under her dress, rather than heels.

Then there's Madonna. The 53-year-old Material Girl wore a sheer black dress recently, which left little to the imagination.

So is Miley just hopping on this diaphanous dress trend since like everyone and their mother are doing it? Maybe. Or maybe it has to do with the cotton crops, after all.

What do you think of the see-through bottom trend?

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Prince Ly Squisher

It's look fine if she'd just take a pair of scissors and cut off the see-through part at the bottom. It also looks to be very uncomfortable to walk in.

Wesley Lennon

What's the big deal, it completely covers her to her knees, I do not watch Beauty Pageants, but have seen photos of the Miss Teen Padgett (16 to 18 years old) wearing evening gowns I wouldn't allow my daughter to wear somewhere see through and could see their underwear, not to mention the almost string bikinis and breasts hanging out. If my daughter was still in that age group, I would have no problem with that dress above.

Wesley Lennon

And how did I even get to this page??? Correction: "... I wouldn't allow my daughter to wear *something* see through..."

Brent Bach

Smiley Virus, do you know where it's been?

nonmember avatar charlotte

Who cares? Don't you have something better to worry about than what some boring Disney star is wearing? She's never been classy to begin with, I don't know what you all expect.

nonmember avatar Gerry

Lindsay Mannering? What rock did that person crawl out from under? Say, shouldn't you be cleaning a cat box, or tossing out some of those magazines and newpapers you have been collecting for the last 15 years? What a waste of time. Ever heard the old saying "Get a job"? Well, that certainly applies to you Lindsay! Get you nose out of other people's business, and get a life of your own. The world has enough parasites already.

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