7 Fabulous Fashion Tricks That Help Moms Look Slimmer

maxi dressThis morning, I came across an article in InStyle where stylists offered up their tips and suggestions for common fashion problems among women who actually know something about fashion. From how to avoid wardrobe malfunctions to keeping long pants from dragging on the ground to stopping your heels from slipping out of your shoes, there really were some useful take-aways. It's just too bad that most moms don't have many occasions where we get to dress up (meaning wearing something other than jeans or yoga pants), so most of us won't use these tips in our everyday lives.

But there are plenty of other fashion fixes I use on a daily basis to help me feel more comfortable in my clothes, while still looking good and feeling confident. And not surprisingly, most of my tips involve making myself appear slimmer and hiding my jiggly bits.


1. Maxi Dresses -- I know this makes me the opposite of pretty much every woman in the universe, but I tend to gain weight in warmer months because of the abundance of cocktails and backyard barbecues. And when that happens, maxis are really my best friend. They're so comfortable, they look stylish & current, and they hide the extra weight I'm carrying around my mid-section, hips, and thighs. (Yikes.)

2. Layers -- In contrast to maxis, dressing in layers really helps me maintain a classy and comfortable look when it's a bit chilly out. Longer sweaters and cardigans help disguise unwelcome bulges, but without looking too heavy or adding bulk.

3. Bubble Shirts -- I know these used to be kind of trendy at one point, and I'm not positive whether or not they're still considered in fashion. Regardless, I'm a huge fan of them because they give me a little extra room around my middle, but look cute with my favorite jeans.

4. V-necks -- Ahh...sweet, sweet v-necks. You gotta love 'em. I've always been a huge fan of dresses and tops with a v-neckline, because they are so flattering and draw the eye away from my lower half.

5. Stretchy Jeans -- If jeans don't have a bit of stretch in them, I won't even buy them anymore. I bought a pair of Lucky Brand super stretch jeans a few months ago, and I swear they're like pajamas. The best part is that they always fit, even when my weight fluctuates up or down a few pounds. They're my "fat" jeans, and my "skinny" jeans at the same time, which is fabulous.

6. Basic Black Pants -- When nothing else seems to look good on any given day of the week, I know I can pull out one of my trusty pairs of standard black pants to make me look a bit thinner, but still a tad on the dressier side.

7. Pant Suits -- I have two or three pant suits from Ann Taylor that are my go-to outfits when I have a more formal event to attend. I always feel confident and polished in my suits, and I don't worry that anything is sticking out where it shouldn't be.

What other fashion tricks and tips do you have to share?


Image via ...love Maegan/Flickr

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