Kristen Stewart Wears Sneakers With Long, Lacy Ball Gown (VIDEO)

kristen stewartThe surreptitious shoe change is skill worth perfecting, ladies. At the world premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman in London this weekend, Kristen Stewart wore Nike sneakers under her gorgeous, gorgeous! Marchesa gown and changed into heels at the last second, behind a bush. We all know KStew's more comfortable in casual clothes than couture gowns, and that down-home attitude carries over to her footwear, as well. She'll avoid wearing any sort of heel until she absolutely has to, hence the quick change in some shrubbery.

Even though Kristen's on the cover of Elle this month and has been slowly morphing into a fashion inspiration ever since her W cover, the girl still likes her ugly sneaks. A lady after my own heart.


Comfort is key, even if it makes you look silly for a little bit. I'd much rather look ridiculous for a minute or two wearing sneakers with a dress then spend half an hour wobbling over to my destination in uncomfortable heels that are getting stuck in the ground.

Kristen eventually switched into her stilettos and looked amazing next to co-star Charlize Theron, also in a sheer black gowns. I wonder if Charlize wore old sneaks in the limo over, as well, or if she's all glam, all the time.

As soon as the premiere was over, Kristen changed back into her uniform of skinny denim, a black leather jacket, and a white shirt for the after party, where she was joined by Robert Pattinson. Dress up time had expired, and KStew turned back into a jeans and tee kinda girl.

Are you more comfortable dressed up, or dressed down?

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Photo via Splash News

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