Demi Lovato’s New ‘X-Factor’ Hair Has Got to Go

Demi Lovato is joining the cast of The X-Factor as a judge, and she just debuted her new look at a FOX TV programming event. Demi is a beautiful girl and it would be extremely difficult to make her anything less than gorg. But extremely long blonde hair? That managed it. I'm sorry, the blonde locks make her look 10 years older. Demi is a natural brunette, and in this case, that happens to be the color that works best with her skin and features.

Blonde hair simply doesn't complement everyone. Lindsay Lohan is another example. Her bleached out blonde hair also made her look much older.


Blonde hair can vastly imrove the looks of some. It brightens the face, brings out the eyes, gives the skin a glow. On others, it just makes gives them an ashen, washed-out appearance, and ages them. It really has more to do with the skin tone than with the color of the eyes. Demi also added extensions to her hair. Again, bad move. She is a tiny, small-waisted girl and the long, thick, blonde hair is too much for her shape to handle. It ages her. She looks less like a teen idol and more like a newscaster.

Word has it that Demi loves her new look (but of course!) and wants to keep it throughout her upcoming tour. But I know she is going to read this and change her mind. And her hair. Right, Demi?

What do you think of Demi's light locks?


Image via pacificcoastnews

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