Britney Spears Is a Hot Mess in This Tight Mini Dress

britney spearsOops, she did it again. Yes, I'm talking about Britney Spears, and yes -- I'm well aware of just how overused that line is. But when it comes to Brit's fashion sense, there's really no better way to sum up her style.

Spears wore this nude colored mini dress to FOX's Upfronts in New York City -- and honestly, she might as well have just thrown on a nightgown or racy piece of lingerie. She would've achieved the same effect (showing off the fact that she's shed a bit of weight and gotten her groove back), but she wouldn't have looked like she was trying so hard.

And don't even try and justify her sexy look any other way, because "trying too hard" was exactly what Brit was doing. I understand that she's on her way to making a huge comeback with her new X-Factor judge gig and all, but somewhere along the line she failed to realize that you don't have to wear a dress that's barely long enough to cover your hips to prove you've "still got it."

I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Britney, and I really do want to believe she's on the verge of totally redeeming herself now that she's older, a loving mom, and much more mature. And maybe that's why I just can't understand why she'd choose to step out in such a risque outfit. Hasn't she ever seen Kate Middleton? Because she's the definition of being sexy without revealing too much skin. Britney is a beautiful woman, and covering up her body a little bit more isn't going to hide the fact that she's in great shape, and looks amazing after two kids.

I have high hopes for Brit's big return -- I truly do. But hopefully next time she'll think about going for a much more subtle vibe before she gets dressed for the day.

What do you think of Britney's sexy look?

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Image via Pacific Coast News

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linzemae linzemae

When I saw the pic I said to myself "that's britney? She looks amazing!"

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon!

MamaD... MamaDee83

How is she trying too hard? I think she looks pretty damn good!

Rachel Schiller

I think she isn't young or toned enough for that dress to be flattering on her.

bills... billsfan1104

Bwhahhhahhahhhahha Heather

Torra... TorranceMom

Be careful, Rachel. Having an opinion on The Stir could get you called a bitch or "caddy." (Read: catty)

cocob... cocobeannns

Haters. She looks great.

Kittipong Jitnarong

What the hell is your problem? She looks AMAZING, absolutely stunning! "Trying too hard" would you and your sad attempt to hate on her.

missusmc missusmc

She looks amazing!  So good to see her happy and healthy! 

nonmember avatar Nicole

She looks terrible and needs to dress more appropriately for her age and body type. The hair also has to go. What's up with the pity party for Britney? Just because she had a meltdown and two kids apparently if she looks sober and is walking upright everyone is saying she looks amazing. She doesn't. I'm almost thirty and two kids under my belt and I look better than that.

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