Lindsay Lohan Gets ‘Glee’ Makeover and Looks Almost Human (VIDEO)

lindsay lohan

Well, shut my mouth -- Lindsay Lohan has finally managed to step out looking glamorous, somewhat natural, and dare I say it -- on the healthy side? Either her party girl days truly are a thing of the past and she's actually eating right and getting some sleep, or she just couldn't resist the urge to impress viewers with her appearance on Glee.

Yes, you heard me right. LiLo is all set to appear as herself as one of the judges at Nationals. And while I usually immediately think "train wreck" every time I hear about a Lohan appearance on any show, I can't help but think she's prepared to impress on this one. If anything, she absolutely nailed her choice of dress for the occasion. (Duh, she totally picked it out herself.)


Seriously, doesn't she look great in this little black & white number? She's got a retro vibe going on for sure -- and it's workin' for her. It hugs her curves in all the right places, and definitely shows off her best (ahem) features.

And though I'll admit I wasn't crazy about her going back to being a red head at first, Lindsay's shade is starting to grow on me a bit. It's almost as if she's slowly morphing into the Lohan we all used to know and love. (If only she'd quit the lip fillers, she might actually look normal.)

You can hear more about LiLo's Glee appearance in the video clip below.

Are you planning on watching Lindsay's Glee episode?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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