Extreme Beauty: 5 Women Who Took Looking Good Too Far (PHOTOS)

tanning mom patricia krentcilPatricia Krenctil, the "Tanning Mom," who is accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter into the tanning booth with her, has become an object of public ridicule for her "extreme tan." Krentcil obviously thinks she looks good, but most people have dubbed her a "freak."

This isn't the first time a woman has done something in the name of beauty (sometimes with risk to her health), that made America turn ugly on her. There are human Barbies, human vampires, and lots of plastic surgery. But if these women truly feel beautiful -- who are we to judge? It's just a shame that they weren't happy with their looks in the first place -- as they were all pretty darn, well, pretty.

Take a look at these extreme beauties, below. 

  • Human Barbie


    Jenny Lee, more commonly known as the "Human Barbie Doll," has gone through more than 40 surgeries (4 on her nose alone). After her first surgery (breast implants), Lee spiraled into a plastic surgery obsession to "please others with her appearance." She's since been diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Of course the world is fascinated. Lee has appeared on Oprah, Larry King Live, E!, and more.

  • Stamped Vamp


    Maria Jose Cristerna, a 35-year-old mother of four and a trained lawyer, is Mexico's "Vampire Woman." Cristerna is tattooed from head to toe, has titanium "horn" implants, dental "fangs," and multiple facial piercings. Cristerna has no regrets and says her look is all about self-empowerment. She has said her extreme body art has helped her "free" herself from an abusive past.

  • Cat Woman


    Jocelyn Wildenstein, 72, a New York City socialite, had her face "remodeled" over the years (via extensive plastic surgeries) to give her the look of a jungle cat. She apparently did this to please her husband who liked big cats (the two have since divorced). Wildenstein was said to be ecstatic and loves what she sees when she look in the mirror. Meow!

  • Tanning Mom


    Long after she started hitting the tanning booth, Patricia Krentcil, 44, hit the public eye when she was arrested after taking her 5-year-old daughter into the tanning room with her. The mockery came fast and furious for Tanning Mom, with "toast" jokes, tweets, and a parody on SNL. News outlets clamored to interview Krentcil to showcase her like a "circus freak" -- all because of a tan. What's your take?

  • Real-Life Anime


    Jacqueline Koh is a Singporean fashion designer who underwent plastic surgery to look like an anime character -- she's had chin implants, eyelid adjustments, nose jobs, and her ears flattened. Koh says she is happy with the results and is the same person on the inside. (The anime trend seems to be picking up speed, and there are even anime contacts lenses to get the look, no surgery necessary.) What do you think of the anime look?

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