Bristol Palin Should Forget Marriage & Stick to Blogging About Makeup

bristol palin on dancing with the starsBristol Palin must figure that as long as she's got the spotlight, she might as well milk it for all its worth. Yesterday, Sarah Palin's most outspoken offspring went on a hypocritical tirade about President Obama's same-sex marriage announcement, ripping his parenting skills, and blaming "too many episodes of Glee" for O's embrace of marriage equality. In response, most Americans (and even Jersey Shore cast members!) collectively rolled their eyes at the unwed teen mom. Now, she's back ... seemingly trying to prove that she doesn't have a penchant for bashing all Democrats. No way! In fact, when it comes to one topic, she's declaring herself "on Team Hillary." Yes, as in Clinton.

In her latest blog post, Bristol addresses the brouhaha that arose from recent photos of the Secretary of State without makeup. Now, there's a topic Bristol can speak with some authority about!

Noting how much scrutiny she was under for her weight during her stint on Dancing with the Stars, Bristol praised Hillary "for not having a makeup artist following her around and being comfortable in her own skin." She went on to make a very astute observation:

When people choose to mock young impressionable females and even more mature national political leaders, it spreads the lie that the value of women resides in their appearance.

Totally with her on this. It's a major issue, one that I wouldn't doubt for a moment Bristol is familiar with and can speak to. Sure, she also deserves praise of her own for putting red and blue issues aside to stand up for Hill.

Nonetheless, this latest opinion piece only serves to underline the fact that when she's throwing stones at Obama and spewing disdain for marriage equality, she's waaaaay out of her league. A soundbyte on lipstick, a quote on foundation, even a remark here or there body image? Have at it, Bristol. But probably best to leave the snipping commentary on marriage and parenting to the pros.

What do you think about Bristol's defense of Hillary?

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Kritika Kritika

Coming from someone that had major plastic surgery on her face. Jaw corrective surgery my ass.


I'm just kind of wondering why you'd care what this kid thinks about anything.

Miche... Michelephant

Because bloggers on the stir are all experts on marriage equality issues.  I don't agree with all of her opinion (I agree with her sentiments that glee is a god awful show but disagree on her marriage stance) but to say she's out of her league is pretty condescending.  Aww cute the teen mom thinks she has something important to say.  But I noticed when kaylynn (sp?)  from teen mom tweets that gay marriage is awesome everyone cheers on such a smart enlightened young woman.  Feminism is about empowering ALL women to speak their minds, even if you don't agree with is.

dirti... dirtiekittie

my initial reaction is "why do i care what bristol palin says?" but at the same time, she's entitled to her opinion. sadly, while i can agree that judging women on appearance is neanderthal-like and needs to be stopped, i really feel that ms. palin only took this stance to balance out her anti-obama remarks from before. "oh look! the whole world is talking about me again! but i have to give them something good to say..."

how about this: they can say whatever they want, no holds barred. and i'll be free to keep ignoring them and forming my own personal opinions as i see fit.

Gilmo... GilmoreGirl29

@michelephant.... I couldn't agree more with what you said. As long as someone is agreeing with them, the bloggers fring them smart and enlightened. If they disagree, they are ..... I believe the exact word one used was ignorant.

I don't happen to agree with Bristol on the issue of gay marriage, but just because we disagree I don't find her ignorant. She is a woman with an opinion. Not only does she have an opinion, she isn't afraid to state it and stand by it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't most mothers wish for their daughters. While we may not agree with her, there's no need to attack her with name calling. You're (general) opinion is yours, and you should be able to state it without attacks.

hotrd... hotrdumommy

I think the whole thing with Bristol and gay marriage went off track when she said that children do better in homes with a mother and father present when it's public knowledge that she's a single mother (not knocking it because my mother was a single mom and a kick ass one at that). She's entitled to her opinions because that's what they are, her opinions. I just think that when you should sweep around your own front door before you put someone on blast because it can and does come back to bite you in the can.

Flori... Floridamom96

Typical liberal response. "If you aren't saying what we want you to say then you just need to shut up."

Kritika Kritika

Typical liberal response. "If you aren't saying what we want you to say then you just need to shut up."

I agree this is the case most of the time with Liberals and I'm neither left nor right. We are ALL entitled to our opinions.

However, Bristol was way off track in her conclusion. A lesbian couple is just as capable of producing well adjusted children as any other couple. There are a lot of studies that say children are better off when the father remains and the picture and I wholeheartedly agree with this but I think the main idea here is that the family remains intact. That said, and given the fact that I know gay couples with kids: The MOST important thing in a family is stability and two loving parents, regardless of sex.

Saphr... SaphronScribble

@Floridamom96, yeah, because YOU'RE not generalizing or making sweeping statements about a group of people that can't possibly be true for every member. *eyeroll to note sarcasm* I could just as easily turn what you said into "typical conservative response, if you disagree just bash all liberals." Do you even realize how ignorant you sound? Pathetic.

MomoLS MomoLS

I think I would have had more respect for her opinion if she just flat out stated that she does not believe in gay marriage because of religious or whatnot reasons. I don't agree with that belief, but hey, it's still legitimate since to some that's the truth or their perception of the truth. But she just had to be cheeky and bring Glee into it which makes her seem dumb, because: 1) it trivializes the matter; 2) why stoop to that level; 3) where's the proof that Obama is pro- gay marriage because his daughters' watch Glee; and 4) where's the proof that he's pro- gay marriage because of some silly TV show rather than it being a reflection of his convictions and beliefs.

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