Bristol Palin Should Forget Marriage & Stick to Blogging About Makeup

bristol palin on dancing with the starsBristol Palin must figure that as long as she's got the spotlight, she might as well milk it for all its worth. Yesterday, Sarah Palin's most outspoken offspring went on a hypocritical tirade about President Obama's same-sex marriage announcement, ripping his parenting skills, and blaming "too many episodes of Glee" for O's embrace of marriage equality. In response, most Americans (and even Jersey Shore cast members!) collectively rolled their eyes at the unwed teen mom. Now, she's back ... seemingly trying to prove that she doesn't have a penchant for bashing all Democrats. No way! In fact, when it comes to one topic, she's declaring herself "on Team Hillary." Yes, as in Clinton.

In her latest blog post, Bristol addresses the brouhaha that arose from recent photos of the Secretary of State without makeup. Now, there's a topic Bristol can speak with some authority about!


Noting how much scrutiny she was under for her weight during her stint on Dancing with the Stars, Bristol praised Hillary "for not having a makeup artist following her around and being comfortable in her own skin." She went on to make a very astute observation:

When people choose to mock young impressionable females and even more mature national political leaders, it spreads the lie that the value of women resides in their appearance.

Totally with her on this. It's a major issue, one that I wouldn't doubt for a moment Bristol is familiar with and can speak to. Sure, she also deserves praise of her own for putting red and blue issues aside to stand up for Hill.

Nonetheless, this latest opinion piece only serves to underline the fact that when she's throwing stones at Obama and spewing disdain for marriage equality, she's waaaaay out of her league. A soundbyte on lipstick, a quote on foundation, even a remark here or there body image? Have at it, Bristol. But probably best to leave the snipping commentary on marriage and parenting to the pros.

What do you think about Bristol's defense of Hillary?

Image via ABC

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