Jennifer Love Hewitt Better Tread Lightly With Victoria’s Secret

jennifer love hewittJennifer Love Hewitt's in great shape, and she wants to show it off. Alllll off. The 33-year-old star of Lifetime's Client List told Wendi Williams that she wants to be a Victoria's Secret angel. Not like, as a new career, but just for a day, she'd like to put on the wings and feel what it's like. And if they wanted to put her on the cover of a catalog, Jennifer would be thrilled.

JLH explained that she's already in lingerie 24/7 for her new show, so she feels like she's totally ready to partner with V.S.


I have a feeling she might be getting a call from one of those sultry higher-ups at V.S. any day now. (I'm picturing them as sultry, conducting meetings in silk robes, exposing a little lace bra here or thong line there, but really, I'm sure they're just average Joes like the rest of us and show up to meetings with cream cheese from their breakfast bagel on their collars. Oops.)

Fufilling a dream to be one of America's most coveted ladies is nothing to turn one's nose up at. I'm sure plenty of people would like to see Jennifer in her underwear inside the pages of V.S., besides, well, Jennifer, and it would be a great symbiotic relationship for the two.

Then again, as Celeb Dirty Laundry points out, Victoria's Secret wanted nothing to do with Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Kate Upton. They said she was "too obvious" looking and has "a face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy."

Careful, Jennifer. Sounds like Vicky's has exceedingly high standards. No hard feelings if they insult you publicly like they did supermodel Kate, k? Oof.

Do you think Jennifer Love Hewitt would make a good Victoria's Secret angel?


Photo via Spray21321443244/Flickr

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