Lindsay Lohan’s Brow Blunder Is Impossible to Ignore

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Lindsay LohanUsually when I look at Lindsay Lohan, I see that cute little girl from The Parent Trap. More recently when I look at LiLo, I think how excited am for her to be on Glee next week. However, when I look at photos of Linds from an event for A&E last night here in New York City, I think W-T-F.

Oh Linds. I think the dress, it has potential. In fact, I'm ALL about the long sleeve lace overlay. The shoes, they're pretty unoffensive, too. BUT WHAT IS UP WITH YOUR BROWS?!

Someone, anyone -- can you tell me if Lindsay looked in a mirror before stepping onto the red carpet?

I have a confession: I use a handy dandy little pencil and some shadow sometimes to define my brows. Is that weird? I feel a little awkward admitting it. No, it's not every day. It's just when I'm trying to make things a little more glam, if you will. However, I'd like to think that I have the common sense NOT to make them look like straight up dark brown lines swept across my face.

I want good for Lindsay. There's really no arguing that she's working on a serious comeback. However, a comeback demands a whole lot of effort. Yeah yeah, the acting and positive press are a huge part of it. However, arguably the look is too. Now that she's got her beautiful red hair back, it's time to focus on the rest of it. Take it from me, girl -- keep your chin up and lay off the brow pencil.

What do you think of Lindsay's look from last night? Do you ever pencil in your brows?


Image via Splash News

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Stacey. Stacey.

Her mirror was probably clouded w/ coke dust

nonmember avatar Megan

The eyebrow look seems like she's attempting to channel a Elizabeth Taylor....

banan... banana-bear

Do you feel so unhappy about yourself that you must tear this girl down?

MomLi... MomLily67

I can see what she was trying to achieve, but maybe a professional makeup artist should have done it. Maybe these young starelts are used to being styled from head to toe, that they sometimes do not learn certains tricks to be able to repeat the styling by themselves. No biggie, just needs a little practice.

jonellg jonellg

I'm a redhead I have to shade them in or you cannot see them, but she needs a lesson, or a makeup person.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

Really? Were they really IMPOSSIBLE to ignore?

nonmember avatar maia

it's the lightning or something. On other pics the eyebrows aren't that bad. They aren't awesome either but she don't look like she's trying to look like a neanderthal.

nonmember avatar mommyofone

I have to pencil in my eyebrows everyday. I have a nervous disorder where I pull my eyebrows out. I don't even realize I'm doing it. Believe me, penciling in your eyebrows (not shading, but actually drawing them on) is just about the hardest thing you'll ever do.

tinyp... tinypossum

They're a bit dark, but not THAT bad. I have really sparse brows and always fill them in with a bit of brow color. 

Snipp... SnippityB

a whole article about lindsay lohans eyebrows? really?

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