Tom Brady & 7 Other Hot Men With Bad Hair (PHOTOS)

tom brady faux hawkSo you saw Tom Brady's "faux hawk." And now you can't un-see it. Did the Abominable Gel Monster tackle Tom to the ground and force that hairdo on him? Don't guys like him have stylists? How does this happen? Really, I want to know! Is the FBI investigating?

Because if you ask me, there's a little too much of this going on. It's one of the great tragedies of modern life: When bad hair happens to good men. And it's becoming an epidemic. Take a look at these pictures! And then please sign this petition asking for the hot men in the world to stop doing foolish things with their hair. It's RLLY important.

  • Tom Brady's Faux Hawk


    Oh Tom. Tom, Tom, Tom. Did Gisele put you up to this? And can I please mess it up for you?

  • Prince William's Royal Sun Spot


    Never photograph the Prince from behind. Never, never, never. There will be beheadings next time.

  • Ben Flajnik's Frumpy Mop


    We never could understand why Bachelor Ben Flajnik has such horrible hair. Ben, it doesn't have to be this way! Bachelor totally has the budget for a good haircut. You don't have to cut it yourself blindfolded while hanging upside-down.

  • Baldy #1: Robert Pattinson


    RPatz, this look is such a buzzkill.

  • Baldy #2: Ryan Gosling



    Ryan Gosling, NOT YOU TOO! Promise me you'll never do this to yourself again. Are you listening to me? Promise!

  • Brad Yeti Pitt


    Remember this look? We call it "so damn sick of being handsome." I know, Brad. It's SO BORING being all handsome all the time. You poor thing. Sometimes a man just wants to grow out a shaggy, uneven beard, put on a beanie, and get mistaken for a terrorist. Is that so much to ask?

  • Tom Cruise, Rawk Star


    Dear W Magazine. As a loyal subscriber, what the f*ck. This picture of Tom Cruise is about Fifty Shades of Wrong. All I wanted to do was laugh at Tom's Rock of Ages headbanger hair (something about long hair and Tom's nose is just not harmonious) but you had to take it up another level with the guyliner, tatts, and wind machine. 

  • Friar Tebow


    I saved the worst for last: Poor Tim Tebow, victim of hair hazing! This look goes better with a long, brown cassock and sandals -- but don't get any ideas there, Tim. We like you as a football player.

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